Our Neighborhoods

Our newest neighborhood, Kings Harbor, is a gorgeous piece of farm land on the coast that has been developed for the country living on the water. These untouched waters are gorgeous and you’ll enjoy sitting on your porch and taking in the sea breeze.

Kings Harbor is located only 10 minutes from the back gate of Camp Lejeune and 15 minutes from New River MCAS. You can have the best of both worlds. A route to work that is traffic free and a home that allows you to be the boating beach bum you desire! Shopping or working in Wilmington is only 20 minutes down the coastline for easy convenience.

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We have three beautiful country communities located in Richlands, NC. Only a short drive to New River MCAS and to both the front and back gates of Camp Lejeune which makes these locations optimal for military families.

We offer large land parcels for home builders and community developers to small acreages for home buyers. Our specialty is land development around Camp Lejeune and New River MCAS North Carolina, so please don’t hesitate to ask us how we can help you. Our parcels stretch from the oceanfront of TopSail Beach, N.C.  to the mountain ranges of Boone County, N.C.